PIC Philippines imports next generation breeders to stock new nucleus facilities


In line with its commitment to provide Filipino farmers access to world-class genetics and support the local industry's continued drive to improve productivity and enhance competitiveness, PIC Philippines has recently imported top-indexing breeding animals from the US to populate two newly constructed sire and dam line nucleus farms, one located in the main island of Luzon, and the other in the Visayas.  These shipments will enable local producers to benefit from the increasing rate of genetic progress generated through PIC’s breeding programme by the application of new genetic improvement technologies.

The first of these deliveries in November 2015 saw 862 animals transported to the facility in Quezon province that PIC operates in partnership with local agribusiness company, 3J Corporation, a PIC business partner for more than 17 years.  The second shipment involved 533 animals shipped to a new facility in Cebu, operated with new partner Excelsior Farms. As of this writing another B747 plane load of 885 elite boars and gilts has just arrived to complete the population of the Excelsior herd.

 “These shipments represent a major step forward for the local industry” said Vino Borromeo (General Manager, PIC Philippines).  He added, "This underpins PIC’s long term expansion plan which includes breeding and distribution of the next generation PIC Profit and Profit Plus boars.  Their superior genetic merit, as evidenced by their high index, will provide maximum profit potential for PIC customers".

In addition to the main production facilities, both projects feature a large AI stud – or Gene Transfer Centre (GTC) in PIC's terminology.  Fitted with state-of-the-art semen processing equipment, the GTCs will produce PIC Liquid Genes™ -- fresh semen of high and reliable quality for sale to customers.  The imports included fully tested terminal sires that went into service immediately to produce the semen which is now available for direct deliveries to targeted key accounts and for dissemination via hubs of existing distributor partners.

Aside from upgrading its product offering and reducing genetic lag, the additional capacity of 2,500 sows will augment PIC's capability to supply the expanding requirements of its growing clientele.  Set to be fully completed and operational within the first half of 2016, sales of locally-produced boars and gilts from these facilities will commence in early 2017.

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