PIC Genetics

Creating increased genetic potential to deliver greater profit differentiation for our customers has been the cornerstone of PIC for over 50 years. Our track record of continual annual genetic gain today is built upon the same pillars that drove the original formation of PIC in the early 1960s. We utilize the best science available, extensively measure animals for traits of economic importance, and then select for maximum commercial level profitability, or what we call Total Economics.

Today, new technology platforms continuously allow us to more accurately measure and execute on our data than ever before. These technologies allow PIC to capture large volumes of information in different commercial environments. This process ensures robust realization of performance and utilization of proprietary genomic tools to drive genetic gain to the most elite levels in our history.

Even with such an impressive past of strong genetic improvement, we are even more excited about the technologies, tools and programs we are working with today that will impact and shape our program in the future. These pillars of success will continuously inspire our focus on delivering on PIC’s drive to Never Stop Improving.