Meaningful Data Capture

The process of genetic improvement is built on the foundation of accurately measuring performance differences between animals.  While this may not seem like a differentiated part of the genetic improvement process, PIC believes that expanded focus in this area drives maximum benefit for future technologies.

Our core improvement process starts with detailed data capture, which outlines the performance potential of each individual pig, within our genetic production facilities around the world.  This data is then augmented with the increased volumes of captured commercial data. This process will assure that the elite animals and families that we select as the parents of future generations perform robustly across multiple environments.

PIC's data sources cover performance in sow farms. This data supports efficiently and effectively producing large numbers of high-quality weaned pigs.  Our "growing pig" facilities focus on efficient and robust lean growth across a range of environments. Ultimately, PICs data capture measures carcass value and product quality.

PIC's data capture from end to end of the production process enables the success of our partners.