Maximizing Accuracy of Selection

PIC’s proprietary genetic evaluation platform has historically utilized three key factors in delivery. The first of these factors is our extensive performance database. It combines pedigree relationships and genomic information to deliver the most accurate information available in the industry to drive selection decisions. These selection decisions are vital in the continued success of our products for our partners. 

Today, PIC uniquely utilizes Relationship Based Genomic Selection. This method grants our scientists the power to truly understand the genomic relationship between animals. This unique understanding simultaneously increases our accuracy in evaluating every trait and every animal that we monitor around the globe.

The utilization of this new technology, initially started in 2012 and fully implemented in 2013, has increased our genetic progress rate by over 40%. This, compared to historically available options, has helped deliver the highest rates of genetic gain that we have seen in our history. Our future has never looked so bright, as we continue to deliver on our promise to Never Stop Improving.