PIC’s Health Team follows a program which combines science-based biosecurity with comprehensive surveillance and timely customer communication.

Our experienced team of Veterinarians has three major goals:

  • To maintain excellent health in PIC's herds and those of our supply chain 
  • To protect the health of our customers’ herds 
  • To develop, validate and/or implement applicable solutions to health problems

Customers expect healthy breeding stock. Through the process of maintaining the high health status of our supply chain, our Health Team collaborates with universities and other cutting-edge organizations to research and validate innovative solutions for risk assessment, bio-security, surveillance and disease elimination. PIC’s philosophy is to openly share the outcome of those experiences with our customers to improve health management strategies within their herds.

Keeping these goals at the forefront of their daily practice, we track and evaluate potential risks and stressors that herds may be experiencing. With this detailed information, we are able to work with customer's teams locally and provide solutions and plans of action to prevent disease, and keep a herd in excellent health.