With over 50 years of experience in genetic improvement, PIC uses the latest technology to achieve maximum genetic progress in the pig breeding stock we produce, thereby serving the diverse needs of each of the markets in which we operate.

At PIC, we recognize that "one size does not fit all"; each challenge is unique and so are our solutions. Find out more about our gilts and boars by clicking on the links on the left.

PIC uses biotechnology in the development of our products, and we lead the world in its application to the pig breeding stock business. Development in this area has many potential benefits to producers and consumers as well as to both animals and the environment, including improved meat quality, increased disease resistance, and elimination of congenital defects.  

PIC's breeding program is based on a process of natural selection. This is consistent with farming practices for many centuries. The application of biotechnology, including artificial insemination and marker-assisted selection, helps us to improve the speed and effectiveness of this process. This process is done in accordance with international regulations and guidelines on animal welfare and food safety.