PIC Sires: Maximizing Your Profit Potential

PIC’s genetic improvement program is unrivaled in the utilization of genomic science. PIC is the only company in the world where:
  • Every nucleus male is genotyped
  • Every animal around the world is positively improved
  • Every trait we select for on every animal is impacted
  • More high-density genotyping is completed annually than any other swine genetics company
More than 150,000 pigs are tested each year in PIC’s Genetic Nucleus and GN Crossbred programs. Traits that are tested include:
  • Feed efficiency through heavy weights
  • Livability from weaning to market
  • Pre-weaning mortality
  • Carcass quality
  • Growth
PIC’s selection program combines science and economics for maximum profit potential.

PIC focuses our selection indexes on three major areas:
  • Robust Throughput
  • Lean Efficiency
  • Carcass Value
Our sire line range is diverse, assuring producers that we can deliver a male suited to any production environment, anywhere in the world.

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