Gene Transfer Center Network

PIC semen is available exclusively from the PIC Gene Transfer Center (GTC) Network. This network, comprised of studs, meets stringent quality, health and genetic guidelines.

The PIC GTC Network uses the latest semen-analysis technologies to aid in assessing the quality of every collection that comes through the Network. To maintain this quality, the Network has implemented a comprehensive certification program monitored by third-party consultants. PIC Gene Transfer Center Network Affiliates are also monitored by the PIC Health Team. Multiple times per week, semen or blood from each affiliate stud is tested to ensure optimal health for all of our animals in our extensive GTC supply. 

PIC’s high replacement rate for boars capitalizes on our annual genetic improvement rate. To validate genetic progress in various commercial environments, each stud in the network is linked to PIC's global genetic improvement database. Individual boar EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) are recalculated regularly, and minimum EBV requirements identify boars for removal. 

The PIC GTC Network focuses intently on delivering maximum genetic value as one of the leading semen supply networks. PIC continuously improves the quality, health and genetic superiority within the network to deliver a quality product to our customers while increasing their profitability.