Robust Supply

PIC focuses on having the industry's leading contract partners, which include sow farms, finishing farms and Gene Transfer Centers (GTC’s).  

However, our supply goes well beyond just the farms. We have an exemplary animal health program, led by our staff veterinarians in addition to our Health Team Veterinarian (HTV) network. This team focuses on keeping our herds healthy. PIC concentrates on health monitoring, implementation and oversight of on-site biosecurity, and transportation protocols, which includes timely, transparent and proactive communication. This ensures we are able to supply high health pigs and are able to support our customers around the world with specifics related to health.

Occasionally, health problems do arise. Our Health Team dedicates extensive time and efforts to make sure we have an up-to-date contingency plan for all of the boars, gilts, and semen within our supply chain.

Our team performs routine audits to ensure we have a high health, robust and reliable supply chain at all times. These audits concentrate on genetics, quality control, and herd health programs. Without such rigorous programs and processes, we would not be able to deliver top quality animals to our customers.