Why PIC? 

We know we need to do more than deliver superior genetics.  That’s why we offer technical service, supply and health solutions to help create robust, productive animals.  Only PIC can provide all the support needed to get the most value out of every pig.  We focus on four key areas:

Superior Genetics:

PIC's proprietary genetics platform focuses on delivering greater profit. With the most advanced utilization of genomic science, we strive to attain PIC's promise to Never Stop Improving.

Unrivaled Support:

Our experienced technical and genetic service teams put the customer's needs first. No matter the environment, no matter the system, we work to ensure pigs thrive.

Reliable Supply:

We maintain the industry's largest supply so that we can deliver large volumes of healthy, high-quality boars, gilts and semen.

Robust Health:

PIC's Health program combines science-based biosecurity with comprehensive surveillance and constant customer communication. Our top priority is the health and well-being of the animals and their safe introduction to a herd.