PIC® 410

PIC®410: Conformation and growth package

Efficient growth and conformation are key to marketability. Combining both qualities in one sire is ideal.

PIC®410 balances conformation and growth simultaneously. This terminal sire produces offspring with ideal conformation, exceptional primal yield and high carcass value. PIC®410 offspring have commercially desirable production traits:

  • Robustness for reliable performance in multiple environments
  • Fast growth to heavier weights
  • Uniformity for consistent carcass traits

PIC®410 comes with the PIC® promise. Proven genetic performance, practical advice, technical service, and healthy supply to help you realize more full-value pigs marketed at a lower production cost.

On-farm offspring results

Compared to Pietrains, PIC®410 offspring demonstrate more efficient growth, less backfat and better feed conversion for optimal efficiency and lean yield.

Expected value differences

Robust offspring with efficient growth across environments

Commercial Results

2021 Phil. Swine Production Performance

Exceptional conformation to deliver primal yield

Heritable carcass characteristics

PIC®410 offers ideal visual composition for live markets with high lean yield demand.

Excellent carcass value

PIC®410 offspring produce a deeper loin with less backfat for greater overall lean yield compared to a Duroc sire.

Relative comparisons in validation trial

Robust offspring with efficient growth across environments

Commercial grow-finish results

Average results from customers in Brazil, the Philippines and Croatia confirm efficient performance and low mortality rates in varying environments.

Top 25% Grow-Finish (GF) close outs of six PIC®410 customers. 250 total close outs.
Absolute values impacted by varying animal husbandry practices, ractopamine use, energy content of the diet, mashed vs pelleted feed, etc.

Carcass value results

Slaughter plant results from Philippine customers reveal quality carcass performance.

Source: 2021 PIC PHL Carcass benchmarking