PIC® 410

PIC®410: Efficient Growth, Excellent Carcass Yield

PIC’s best-selling balanced conformation sire with outstanding robust growth and high carcass value.

The PIC® 410 is a great choice for producers who want to experience exceptional primal yield and robustness with a strong emphasis on total profitability. An excellent sire for producers selling to the conformation-conscious market.

This combination drives fast and efficient growth while delivering valuable carcasses with superior primal yield at a lower cost.  In addition, the PIC®410 has a high throughput with uniform offspring.

Profitability Drivers

  • Efficient and fast growth to heavier weights
  • More full-value pigs marketed & high throughput
  • High carcass value and excellent conformation
  • Uniform offspring
  • Great semen quality as result of heterosis