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Recently, PIC nutrition team updated the feeding recommendation for PIC females during gestation. In contrast to the previous feeding recommendation that is focused on body condition, the current recommendation accounts for both body condition and weight. Modern genetics has greater growth potential, thus a need for a greater maintenance requirement particularly during the late gestation of the 3rd parity plus females. Below are the key highlights of the updates:

  • Never feed gilts below the PIC recommended base level of 5.9 Mcal ME or 4.4 Mcal NE/d, regardless of their body weight at breeding. 
  • Feeding sows below base level during the first days after breeding might lead to reduced embryo survival.
  • Excessive intake (>10 Mcal of ME/day) has negative impact in total born over all parties.
  • Do not feed fat sows below PIC recommended base level during early and late gestation. 
  • For P2+ sows (third gestation+) during late gestation, consider increasing the base feeding level by up to 0.75 Mcal ME or 0.55 Mcal NE/d.
  • Current recommendation: 11.0 g/d minimum of SID lysine for gilts and sows during gestation.

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