BioShield Program

Biosecurity is crucial for herd health and performance. Our BioShield program was designed with both our customer and the swine industry in mind. The goal of the BioShield program is to prevent disease introduction and dissemination; thereby promoting animal wellbeing.

As a team, we are all accountable and responsible for biosecurity. BioShield helps build a culture of biosecurity by providing standardized processes, resources, and training to promote a mindset of personal accountability for maintaining our high-health supply and protecting customer herds. Farm managers, farm staff, production supervisors, multiplication partners, PIC Supply Chain and PIC Technical Services are all accountable for the dissemination and implementation of BioShield – with guidance from the veterinary team. At each site, the Health Team Veterinarian and the PIC Health Assurance Veterinarian are responsible for the design and evaluation of the biosecurity program.

These standards embody PIC’s biosecurity philosophy. Based on science, experience and implementation feasibility, the standards are a living document that works as the foundation of PIC’s biosecurity program. The BioShield program will be implemented in each farm, (genetic nucleuses, gene transfer centers and multipliers) as well as with supporting systems and allied partners (feed mills, truck washes and service providers) of the PIC system.

 We’re committed to biosecurity because of you.