The Camborough® is an outstanding mother. Bred to maximize the pounds of weaned pigs per year with excellent feed efficiency, the Camborough® can typically be bred three weeks earlier than sows with other genetics. This results in a higher total number of piglets per sow per lifetime and lower production costs.

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The Benchmark for Profitable Pig Production

The Camborough® is the ideal choice for producers who want to experience the combination of high prolificacy with less cost to produce a pig.

Economic Drivers:

• Large litters with uniform and vigorous piglets
• Low-costs per weaned piglet
• Long productive sow life
• Low sow mortality


Maximum growth and conformation

The Camborough® 48 is primarily developed to provide maximum lean conformation with superior terminal pig growth.

• Improved feed efficiency
• Superior growth
• Prolific
• Lean market hogs
• Maximum kilos weaned
• Improved appetite