PIC Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program was launched last July 2017 to further support the Scholars in the usual challenges college students face. The program aims to provide in-depth personal and professional support to PIC scholars, and create a culture of continuous learning for both PIC Mentor and PIC Mentee. Moreover, this promoted engagement of PIC Employees to company’s CSR Program.

This program proved successful for the PIC Scholars after the graduation of the first batch of graduates – Cesar Gallamora and Leslie Azucena – back in April 2018 which led to their their eventual employment in PIC beginning May 2018. This also proved true with the new batch of Mentor-Mentee team – Dan and Rey Ann (scholars), with Dr. Famela Midoro and Dr. Melvin Ganapin (mentors).

2019 marks the third year of this program with the hopes of continuously provide support including the new addition to the team – Sarah Faith Lacay – who will be taking up Veterinary Medicine at Pampanga State Agricultural University.